NIS Training offers comprehensive on-site and open-enrollment loader certification programs for beginner and experienced operators. We have training programs for a wide variety of loader types.

On-Site Program Duration

  • Beginner Operator Training – 2-5 Days
  • Experienced Operator/Re-Certification – 1 Day

*Certification valid for 3 years.


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Program Breakdown

  • Review of applicable regulations (federal, state/provincial and relevant standards)
  • Review company polices
  • Discuss Due Diligence
  • Review Criminal Negligence and consequences to employers, trainers, supervisors and employees
  • Review site-specific safety concerns
  • Review Operator Training Guide
  • Review Equipment Features, Stability, Operating Procedures, Parking and Fueling/Charging Procedures
  • Operator Theory Test
  • Pre-Use Inspections (How to conduct and effectively document)
  • Conduct Practical Training
  • Safe Operating Procedures
  • Conduct Operator Evaluations


Online Loader Operator Theory Training Registration Links


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